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oh wow, the first game I bought from and this brings me to a new world. full on veneration to your blog.

Been replaying this to meet the other characters, and it always leaves me wanting more! Great job!

Hope the monster series is still ongoing <3

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Really tight writing, and the different routes are interesting.  I like how you aren't ever referred to with pronouns and can be gay.  Love to see more like this from them. :)

I like the music,what's the title of the song?

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love it! I'm also a monster fucker lolol. excited for more monsters

Loved it! Looking forward to more from you!


I really enjoyed this! I hope you make some more similar to this in the future x 

Also love your writing style


Awesome - glad you liked it. I'm working on another as we speak; hopefully should be ready in a month or two.

" doesn't hurt at all. As though you're standing in a pool of molten Lava." :D

I really like the writing and the options you give the player. Nice work!

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Interesting little text adventure, loved the different options (gender, sexual orientations, taking a dominant or passive role, partner choices). Good writing, lovely music... Nicely done.


Thank you! It's my first, but I'm hoping to do more in the future with an even wider range of options.

I'm having some trouble getting the game to work! When I extract the files and click on 'index', it gives me this message: "Exported games won't work until you upload them. (When running on the file:/// protocol, browsers block many features from working for security reasons.)" Is there a way I can fix this?

By the way, your writing is lovely! This is the first game I'm purchasing from because it's that good. :>


Thanks so much for such a lovely comment. And apologies for the error - that's my bad. First game I've ever uploaded to Itch, and I did it wrong! Classic me.

Some Firefox users have said that the game works despite the error message. But I've uploaded a new version that should work without throwing up any errors. Let me know if you're still encountering problems and I'll look into it some more!

Works perfectly now! Thank you!


Phew! Hope you enjoy it!